About IGC Housing


Penalty Point Standards Table

No. Contents Penalty
1 Criminal offenses such as assault(including sexual assault), theft, gambling, possession and use of narcotics in the housing Compulsory Moving Out and Restriction on Re-admission
2 Smoking(including e-cigarettes) and drinking in the housing Compulsory Moving Out
3 Act of a female student entering a male student's floor or room, as well as an act of a male student entering a female student's floor or room Compulsory Moving Out
4 Bringing in and using flammable substances or dangerous substances in the housing Compulsory Moving Out
5 Bringing in and raising pets in the housing Compulsory Moving Out
6 Unauthorized opening or use of housing rooms Compulsory Moving Out
7 Forgery or falsification of admission application information Compulsory Moving Out
8 Privately using, taking out, damaging(destroying) public housing facilities, or exposing them to danger Compulsory Moving Out
9 Accompanying non-residents to a room or providing accommodation without prior permission Compulsory Moving Out
10 Using foul or abusive language toward the housing manager (including security personnel) Compulsory Moving Out
11 Forging(falsifying) access cards, using them and transferring or lending them to others Compulsory Moving Out
12 Unauthorized moving out without prior room inspection Restriction on Re-admission
13 Deferral of Compulsory Moving out 4 Points
14 Changing rooms without prior permission 4 Points
15 Possessing prohibited items brought into the housing(alcoholic bottles, fire-causing items, etc.) 4 Points
16 Illegally receiving or opening mail addressed to another person 3 Points
17 Dumping regular waste(food waste) outside designated places Dumping regular waste(recyclable waste) and food waste without separating 3 Points
18 Failing to follow the proper instructions of the housing manager (including security personnel) and resident advisor(RA) 3 Points
19 Abnormal entry and exit of the housing using emergency doors and windows other than the main door 3 Points
20 Act of causing disturbance or commotion inside/outside the housing 3 Points
21 Using the emergency stairs normally 2 Points
22 Bringing and eating cooked food or delivery food to undesignated places 2 Points
23 Drawing graffiti inside/outside the housing, attaching unauthorized attachments as well as displaying and distributing unauthorized advertisements 2 Points
24 Staying overnight outside without overnight stay application 2 Points
25 An act of storing or leaving personal items outside of designated spaces in common areas 2 Points
26 Consecutive violations of the same item 1 Points
27 Other acts that disturb the order of the housing Compulsory Moving Out and Restriction on Re-admission

Reward Point Standards Table

Item Contents Example Reward Points
Safety and Facility Protection Acts for the safety of students and protection of facilities When you extinguish or report fire; When you report a criminal suspect 5 Points
Contribution to Communal Life Contributing to the hygiene and cleanliness of public facilities Excellent condition during regular and frequent room inspections 2 Points
Contributing to complying with the housing rules and regulations and creating an atmosphere for study In case of reporting violations of housing rules and regulations 2 Points
Volunteer Works 8 hours of volunteer works within the housing Volunteer works in the housing 1 Point
Others Contributing to the development and management of the housing When the housing manager approves 1 to 3 Points