Notice Board
  • Question What are the conditions for a room for disabled students?
    Answer Students with disabilities can apply for the room with a certificate of disability. Additionally, students who want to use the room due to any injuries, can apply with a medical certificate or diagnosis.
  • Question How many times does the housing office disinfect the dormitory per year?
    Answer The housing office provides nine times disinfection per year and an annual mattress disinfection once a year.
    Mattress disinfection was already carried out in January 2018 and will be resumed in 2019.
  • Question Can non-residents enter the housing?
    Answer Non-residents are not allowed to enter housing buildings.

    Residents who allow non-residents to enter the housing without permission will be evicted from housing.

    Residents who want to invite guests should visit the housing office to get a visitor’s pass. Only family members are allowed for the pass. Any delivery man or installation engineer will have access only for an hour.

    *Operating hours for Housing office are from 9AM to 10PM.
  • Question How can I check-in and check-out of housing?
    Please apply for check-in referring to notifications and guide lines on Housing website.After applying, visit Housing office in building A on the time period you have applied for. If student misses application period, check-in will not be allowed.

    Apply for check-out during the period according to notifications and guide lines. It Is important to keep the check-out date. Exceeding period will be fined.

    Please refer to followings when check-out
    1strike OR Repairing Fee
    Checking-out without official check-out apply
    Staying after your check-out period without noticing.
    When you check out without cleaning your room
    When self-inspection is different from real room’s conditions.
  • Question When can I check my room assignment?
    Answer Room assignments will be notified to students at the housing office on the day of checking-in.
  • Question How can I get a refund of housing fee?
    Answer Cancellation or mid-semester check-out is only allowed with official reasons (Leave of absence, Transfers, Military enlistment, etc.) and must be accompanied by evidential documents.

    Please contact the housing office for further information.

    Refund Rates
    Checkout Date

    Refund Rates
    Before entrance 100%
    Within 4 weeks 75%
    Within 8 weeks 50%
    Within 12 weeks 25%
    After 12 weeks 0%
    * Refunds will not be given during vacation periods
  • Question What do I need to bring when I move in?
    Answer Only essential furniture is furnished in the room.

    You must bring items such as blankets, bathroom supplies, clothes hangers, LAN cables (a router if you need Wi-Fi) by yourselves.
  • Question When is the housing application period?
    Answer The housing application will open 4 times per year in spring, summer, fall, and winter semesters.
    Notifications for application periods will be given prior to each semester.
    Please review the application guideline before applying.
  • Question Which requirement do I have to submit as a proof of health condition?
    Answer In order to prevent students from any minor/serious infection through direct/indirect contacts, you need to submit a certificate of tuberculosis when applying to check-in. Please understand that we will not allow any student to check-in without the certificate. Additional documents can be requested later.
  • Question What is business hours of the Housing office?
    Answer The operating hours:
    Weekdays – 9AM ~ 6PM
    Weekends – Closed

    > Lunch Time - 12 PM ~ 1 PM

    Please contact to each security office besides the operating hours.
    The business hours of security offices

    > Housing A : 032-626-0110
    Housing B : 032-626-0111

    > Weekdays : 9 PM ~ 9 AM
    Weekends and holidays : 24 hours
    > Weekday : 9 PM ~ 9 AM
    Weekend and holiday : 24 hours
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