Notice Board
  • Question How many times a year does the housing office disinfect the dormitory?
    Answer The housing office provides nine times disinfection per year and once annual mattress disinfection per year.
    Mattress disinfection was already carried out in January 2018 and will be resumed in 2019.

    생활관 운영사무실은 방역소독을 연 9회 및 매트리스 소독 연 1회를 실시하고 있습니다.
    매트리스소독은 2018년 1월에 이미 진행되었고, 2019년에 다시 진행 예정 입니다.
  • Question Can non-residents enter the housing?
    Answer Non-residents are not allowed to enter housing buildings.

    Residents who allow non-residents to enter the housing without authorization will be evicted from housing.
    Residents who wish to invite guests should visit the housing office or

    the security office to fill out a guest authorization form.
  • Question How can I check in and check out of housing?
    Answer At checkin, residents should visit the housing office in the A building at their assigned date and
    time to receive their card key and information.

    After completing a checkout application, room inspections will be completed by a staff member at a specified time.
    Checkout will be completed after returning your card key and desk key.

    Inspection times cannot be rescheduled and residents MUST be in the room to receive room inspections.
  • Question When can I check my room assignment?
    Answer Room assignments will be given at the housing office on the day of checkin.
  • Question How can I get a refund for housing?
    Answer A. Cancellation or mid-semester checkout is only allowed for official reasons (Leave of absence, Transfers,
    Military enlistment, etc.) and must be accompanied by evidential documents.

    Please contact the housing office for further information.

    Refund Rates

    Checkout DateRefund Rate
    Before entrance100%
    Within 4 weeks75%
    Within 8 weeks50%
    Within 12 weeks25%
    After 12 weeks0%

    * Refunds will not be given during vacation periods
  • Question According to what standards are residents selected for housing?
    Answer Prior residents who have been evicted, exited housing without following proper checkout procedures,

    have accumulated more than 5 penalty points, or have not submitted application forms will not be allowed to
    stay in housing.

    Applications will be cancelled for those who miss application or payment deadlines.

    Deposits must be made under the name of the resident staying in housing for verification purposes.
  • Question What do I need to bring when I move in?
    Answer Rooms are only furnished with essential furniture.

    Items such as blankets, bathroom supplies, clothes hangers, LAN cables etc. must be brought by individual students.
  • Question When is the housing application period?
    Answer Housing application periods take place 4 times per year for spring, summer; fall, and winter semesters.
    Notifications for application periods will be given prior to each semester.

    Please review the application guidelines before applying.
  • Question what kind of proof of health condition is required?
    Answer In order to prevent any minor/serious infection through direct/indirect contacts among students,

    a certificate of tuberculosis is required. Additional documents can be requested later.
  • Question What is the housing office’s operation hour?
    Answer The office operates from 9 AM until 10 PM, on Monday to Friday.

    > Lunch Time - 12 PM ~ 1 PM
    Dinner Time - 6 PM ~ 7 PM

    Please make inquiries to each security office besides the operation hour.

    > Housing A : 032-626-0110
    Housing B : 032-626-0111

    > Weekday : 9 PM ~ 9 AM
    Weekend and holiday : 24 hours
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