About IGC Housing
Packing Information
Classification Type Notes
Basic Furnishings Desk, chair, wardrobe, bed (mattress), stand, LAN cable, wifi router, waste bin Provided
Personal Belongings Personal computer, toiletries, other living goods (e.g. toilet paper, hanger, bathroom shoes), bedding (e.g. pillow, pad, bedclothes), mini refrigerator, etc. Unprovided

Mini refrigerators should follow the conditions listed below.
46 liter max. capacity / Power Saver Level 1 Required
You need to get approved by IGC Housing office if you want to bring in to your room. Please bring to Housing A117 when you check-in.
Please see a good Example

Restricted Items

Restricted Items
Classification Type
Electric heating appliances Electric pad, electric heater, iron, electric stove, etc.
Home appliances cooker, hot plate, electric pot, coffee maker, etc.
Dangerous materials Gas burner, knife (for non-learning uses), lethal weapons, inflammables

A curling iron should have a power cutoff feature