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Guidelines for unexpected/random inspection by Housing Staff's for violations of regulations

Writer / Supervisor Date / 2022-05-04 hit / 113

As of now, we are receiving many reports of violations of regulations.


Therefore, we will inform you of the Housing Staff's unexpected/random inspection in the event of a violation of the housing regulations.



1. Smoking, drinking, and female student entering a male student's floor or room, as well as an act of a male student entering a female student's floor or room etc


- If we receive a report about a violation of regulations, a housing staff member or a security officer will visit your room without any notice.


- If there is no response when knocking on the room, the staff opens the door with the master key and enter.


- After that, inform the resident by e-mail that the staff checked the room.


- The entering procedure will be recorded just in case. 


* In particular, smoking is a very serious and dangerous situation that can lead to a fire, we'll consider this issue strict and take firm action.



2. Single room → Double room, double room → Single room absolutely not allowed to enter.


- single room residents are only allowed to enter the dormitory, and double room residents are only allowed to enter the double room dormitory.


- As soon as a single room resident enters a double room or a double room resident enters a single room, we will take the same disciplinary action as a non-resident companion.



There are a number of cases of violation of regulations even though we are constantly guiding violations of living standards.



The Housing is taking the same regulations and disciplinary measures for all residents, and there will be no exceptions.



Please be aware of the regulations accurately so that there is no disadvantage.