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About PCR test during the Chuseok holiday.

Writer / Supervisor Date / 2021-09-17 hit / 365

For the health of students, all dormitory students must submit the PCR test results to enter the dormitory after the Chuseok holiday.


1. WHEN: 28th~29th SEP (TUE, WED) 08:00 ~ 19:00

         - COVID-19 PCR Test Result (text message)

            : Test result within 2 days from return day

     (If you will return 28th, you must take a PCR test 26th or 27th.

      If you will return 29th, you must take a PCR test 27th or 28th.)

   2. WHERE: The office next to Information in Building B first floor 147ho


* From 10:00AM on September 30th, all dormitory students who have not submitted PCR results will be blocked from entering the gate.

* Students who have no plans to visit on the designated day(28th~29th SEP) will visit the Housing Office(dorm A 117) for the first time after Chuseok to check the PCR results (the results within two days based on the date of visit) and reopen the gate. (Business hours 09:00-18:00, break time 12:00-13:00)


I hope you have a great Chuseok holiday. Thank you.