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2021 Spring Regular Check-out

Writer / Supervisor Date / 2021-05-26 hit / 401

2021 Spring Regular Check-out

-UAC: June 7th~June 13th
-SUNY/GMUK: June 14th~June 20th
-GUGC: June 14th~June 20th (14 week residents) / June 21st~June 27th (17 week residents)


※RA's will contact you to schedule a date & time (within the timeframe above) for the check-out inspection

-Please do not forget to check-out online (only check-out for the timeframe of your University)

-Residents must be present during the inspection
 (1 strike will be given to the residents if she/he left without completing an inspection)

-All belongings/luggage shall be removed when inspecting the room
 (Residents will be held responsible for any damages incurred by the resident himself/herself)

-Please check mailbox/smilebox/security office for any belongings you may have before completely checking-out