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Information on the schedule of air-conditioning operation of the housing

Writer / Supervisor Date / 2022-04-13 hit / 156

This is our plan for the AC control for 2022. The AC will operate normally from May 20th, 2022 to late September, 2022.


The air conditioner will operate according to this uptime as below.


In the morning

09:00 ~ 12:00

In the afternoon

13:00 ~ 18:00

In the evening

19:00 ~ 21:00


When it rains during the rainy season, we operate the AC system.


In addition to this time table, we will operate the AC flexibly according to changes in outdoor temperature and indoor temperature.


Cooling operation temperature 28℃ or higher
Heating operation temperature Less than 10℃

The air conditioner is centrally controlled, and there are many inconveniences, but please understand the process and situation.


The AC shall be operated in accordance with the provisions on the promotion of the rationalization of energy use by public institutions.(Maintaining room temperature above 28℃ on average when air conditioning is operated.)